Fluoro-2015 China International Plastics Processing Development Forum was successfully held in Xi'an

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publisher: Yanni
Time: 2016-03-28

2-3 November 2015, by the Chinese Association for Plastic fluorine plastics processing Professional Committee hosted the "2015 China International Plastics Processing fluorine Development Forum" was held in the historic city of Xi'an. The scale of the event, which attracted around the country engaged in the development, experts, academics and some senior professors, such as production, processing and application of corporate universities fluoroplastic many industry elite, as well as from the United States, Italy, South Korea, Japan and other foreign fluorine plastics industry leading business representatives, the number of participants up to 300 people.China Plastics Processing Industry Association executive vice president Cao Jian, Deputy Secretary-General Xu Lin attended the meeting. The forum theme of "fluorine plastic industry development under the new normal", from the present situation and development trend of fluorine plastics industry, analyzed how to adapt to the new normal, seize new opportunities, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote the healthy and sustainable development. Among the business representatives on the development of related technology and industry were mutual exchange and learning, the forum for the development of the industry has injected new ideas and develop ideas.Forum opening ceremony was chaired by the Chinese Association for Plastic fluorine plastics processing Professional Committee Chairman Su village. Welcome speech by the chairman of the village, would be invited to the forum leaders and foreign guests and fluorine plastic sector colleagues a warm welcome and sincere respect, we analyze the development situation of China's fluorine plastics processing industry is facing, and the future industry the development was a better vision. China Plastics Processing Industry Association executive vice president Cao Jian in the forum opening ceremony, from the development of fluorine plastics industry, opportunities and challenges and to enhance international exchanges and cooperation between the national policies to bring three fluorine plastics industry are analyzed in terms development trend and direction of development of the industry, pointed out that China's economic development has entered a "new normal", the plastics processing industry is entering to change the development mode, a new stage of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, we should give full play to the role of industry associations to promote sustainable plastics industry development, through our concerted efforts to make China's fluorine plastic products industry in the transformation and upgrading, aspects of green production, business and social benefits synchronous development to achieve greater results, and strive in the "thirteen five" to achieve greater breakthroughs. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Planning Division Director Wang Jianzhong, although unable to attend, but still sent a congratulatory message on the 2015 China International Forum on the development of fluorine plastics processing grand opening congratulated stated national policy strategy will bring to fluorine plastics industry development opportunities, should implement the "Made in China 2025", adapted to the new normal, and grasp the strategic opportunity to promote Chinese fluorine plastic industry healthy and sustainable development of brainstorming. Xi'an Andrew Polymer Co., Ltd., chairman Liuquan An enterprise representatives to speak.The forum organized a total of 21 thematic reports. Chan first by the Secretary-General entitled "Chinese fluorine plastic products industry," Thirteen Five "development proposal," the report summarizes the main achievements China fluorine plastic industry achieved "five-second" period and the problems analyzed industry, "thirteen five" development environment and demand trends, the industry made "thirteen five" development proposals and focus on product development direction. Forum invited to the United States, Italy and other foreign experts keynote address. Mr. Michael Taylor (SPI), vice president of International Affairs and Trade of the Plastics Industry Association issued a "fluoropolymer US market and global opportunities," highlights of the Plastics Industry, USA fluoropolymer trade and worldwide market opportunities and fluoropolymer development of the main end-market applications for delegates brought new ideas fluoroplastic development. General manager of the Italian company Fabio Fluorseals Mr. Saladini shared with the participants entitled "The growing European market fluorine plastic technical requirements," the report on the European PTFE market conditions, the market for fluorine plastic, higher performance and solutions It requires reasons and Fluorseals face of new market requirements and to follow the process route optimization path. Italy DOSS Managing Director Daniel Salvá share with the participants of the "DOSS visual inspection system in fluorine plastics market applications", DOSS company has the most cutting-edge visual inspection equipment, automatic classification of defective parts, greatly improving the work efficiency . Italy Italy Delong Technical Director Marco Vitale focused on quantitative analysis to explain complex technical process of PTFE. In addition, the forum also invited Dr Guodian New Energy Technology Research Institute to bring Sun Zhen, entitled "Application of fluorine plastic in the power industry and Prospect Analysis" report, starting from the application requirements of the power industry, combined with the unique properties of fluorine plastic, analyzes fluorine plastic application direction and prospects in the power system, and introduced the Academy of application cases. In addition, Asahi Glass Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Solvay (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Daikin Fluorine Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. Changshu Yodogawa Megumi DS Plastics Co., Ltd., Shandong Dongyue Group, Zhejiang Cathay Pacific sealing materials shares Ltd., East China University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University and other thematic reports from domestic and foreign business representatives and university professors processing equipment, production, raw materials, including fluorine plastic chemical, sealing, environmental protection, power, photovoltaic, automotive, and waste heat recycling and other high-end application areas, the report varied, covering a wide range of fields.During the meeting, Nanjing Kent Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Shandong Dongyue Group, Italy DOSS visual inspection equipment company, Italy Italy Delong Co., Ltd. Jiangyin City Jiangnan Fusu, Yancheng Huari Plastics Co., Ltd., Yuhuan Mason Machinery Co. company, Jiangsu Jin Chi furnace Co., Ltd. Changzhou dark blue engineering materials, special engineering plastics Jiangsu Jun Hua Co., Ltd., Jiaxing small steps Radio Technology Co., Ltd. set up booths outside the venue, show more macro-related products, to communicate face to face with colleagues and learning, and achieved good results. Finally, the Forum in boundless atmosphere successful conclusion.

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