< PTFE film >, < PTFE pipe > and < poly ethylene propylene pipe > industry standard expert review meeting held in Beijing

From: China Plastic Association fluorine plastic processing Committee
publisher: Tina
Time: 2016-09-02
Summary: The national standardization of plastic products and plastic products technical committee in Beijing innostar Hotel held a < teflon film >, < PTFE tubing > and < FEP tubing > expert review of industry standards.
     The national standardization of plastic products and plastic products technical committee in Beijing innostar Hotel held a  < teflon film >, < PTFE tubing > and <  FEP tubing > expert review of industry standards. The national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center, China plastics processing industry association. Beijing Technology and Business University, Chinese CPPIA fluoroplastics processing Specialized Committee, Beijing Plastics Research Institute, Shanghai Plastics Research Institute and other 28 units attended the meeting. The meeting by the National Plastic Products Standardization Technical Committee plastic products technical committee of the Secretary General Peng Yongjie presided.
     The participating experts listened to the standard drafting group representative of the drafting of the standards, a careful review of the standard draft, the preparation instructions, validation test reports and comments summary treatment table and other materials.
     Meeting on the standard preparation work fully affirmed that the standard collection of data collection of comprehensive, do a lot of validation work, reliable data, materials, drafting process to meet the requirements.
     The meeting considered the compilation principle and main contents of the standard basis for the development of advanced technology, reasonable and feasible; the main project verification and data can guide the revised standard; standard and the current laws, regulations and mandatory standards without conflict and coordination; no significant differences in the process of revision of the standard. The meeting considered the standard content industry in line with the actual development situation. Can solve the industry in the development of products may not bid, the standard Publicizing measures and suggestions to meet the industry requirements.
     As the standard < PTFE film > is greater than the actual provisions of the standard name, according to the experts, the name "PTFE film". The standard revised classification method, product specifications, modify the thickness, the width, the test method of electric strength, improve the tensile strength, tensile strain, the electrical strength index, increase the color film, increase the sampling plan and testing requirements.
     <PTFE tubing> standard increased by suspension PTFE resin production of all kinds of material classification and requirements, increase the electric spark length stability performance index and test method, increase the voltage withstand test method flow pipe, modify the shape of specimen tensile strength and tensile strain, and increasing the sampling size index. Scheme and testing requirements.
   < Perfluoroethylene pipe > standard is to establish a standard, standard applies to perfluoroethylene resin, made by FEP pipe extrusion molding method. Mainly used for transporting the corrosive liquid and gas medium tube, inner tube, pipe, heat exchanger for liquid level meter, using various frequencies of wire cable electrical components, protective sleeve, other materials coated pipe. Standard density, tensile strength, tensile strain, breakdown voltage, heat resistance and low temperature flexibility of physical and mechanical performance requirements.

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