Use of PTFE

From: baidu
publisher: Tina
Time: 2016-09-08
Summary: specification of Polytetrafluoroethylene
1. Can be used for bar, pipe, plate, cable materials, production of raw materials with other materials, the two processing can be made into a film sheet, and all kinds of special products, but also can be used as lubricant, thickener.
2. Can be used as additives for plastics, rubber, paint, ink, lubricating oil, grease and so on.
3. Push molding made of thin walled tube, rod, profiled bar, wire and cable insulation, rolled into thin strip of pipe thread sealing material.
4. For machinery, electronics, chemical and other industries, used for spraying, impregnation and so on.
5. Used in the preparation of the coating.
6. Can be made of rods, plates, tubes, films and various special-shaped products for aerospace, chemical, electronic, mechanical, pharmaceutical and other fields.
7. Can be made of high insulation electrical parts, high frequency wire and cable wrapping, corrosion resistant chemical vessels, anti cold pipeline, artificial organs and so on.
8. Used in batteries, fiber cloth and so on.
9. Can be made of thin film, tube sheet rod, bearings, gaskets, valves and chemical pipelines, pipe fittings, equipment container lining, etc., for electrical, chemical, aviation, machinery and other fields.
10. Is mainly used in the electrical industry, in the aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, computer and other industries used as power and signal lines of the insulation layer, corrosion resistance, wear resistant materials.
11. Instead of quartz glass containers used in atomic energy, medicine, semiconductor and other industries of ultra pure chemical analysis and storage of a variety of acid, alkali, organic solvents.

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