Disadvantages of molding method

publisher: Tina
Time: 2016-11-11
Major shortcoming:
(1) the molding cycle of the whole production process is long, the efficiency is low, the staff has a greater physical exertion.
(2) is not suitable for the existence of depression, side slope or small holes and other complex products, the use of compression molding.
(3) in the process of production, it is difficult to complete mold filling, there is a certain technical requirements.
(4) at the end of the curing period, different products have different stiffness, and have an effect on the performance of the product.
(5) to have a very high dimensional accuracy requirements of products (especially for multi cavity mold), the process has a short hand.
(6) at the end of the product, the fly edge is thick, and the removal of the fly side of the workload is large.
(7) the deficiency of the molding process is that the mold making is complex, the investment is big, plus the limited by the press, the most suitable for mass production of small and medium sized composite products.

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