Extrusion molding method

publisher: Tina
Time: 2016-12-16
  Extrusion molding method (extrusion) is also called extrusion method, extrusion molding method (extrusion mo (U) lding), or extrusion. The extrusion process is one of the main molding of thermoplastic plastics and rubber. The barrel raw materials from the hopper extruder continuously adding heating, softening by spiral rod cylinder, motor head die extrusion, after cooling, a continuous shape products, such as tubes, rods, plates etc. mainly used in plastic industry, rubber industry and pencil industry, chemical fiber melt spinning by extrusion machine to the spinneret feed. Cable insulation sleeve and the inner tube for vehicle also, the method can be made.
  The blank in three to the uneven pressure under stress from the die orifice or extrusion gap to reduce the cross-sectional area increased in length and processing method of the products required is squeezed into this processing blank, called extrusion molding.
  Extrusion, especially cold extrusion, high material utilization rate, microstructure and mechanical properties were improved, simple operation, high productivity, can make a long rod, deep hole, thin-walled parts, special-shaped section is important, less or no cutting process. The extrusion is mainly used for metal forming, also can be used for plastic, rubber, graphite the blank and clay and other non-metallic forming.
  When extrusion, the billet produces three to the compressive stress, even if is the plastic lower blank, also may be extruded.
In addition to extrusion molding is used in mechanical processing, can also be used in food processing, the method will promote the dough through the screw conveyor, by extrusion die made of various shapes of pasta.
  Extrusion method is a method for forming ceramic tiles and refractory materials. The plastic mass extruded into solid or hollow billets with extruder and vacuum pugmill, then cut into the required size. Add green mud extruder, a spiral propeller in the body from the mouth to die extrusion machine press out. For forming building brick, fireclay brick, ceramic tube, bar and so on.

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