Analysis on the competition situation of plastic pipe industry in China in 2017

publisher: Tina
Time: 2017-02-17
1、 industry competition pattern

(1) industry concentration is increasing
At present, the plastic pipe production capacity has reached 30 million tons of plastic pipe, large-scale production of approximately 3000 enterprises, the annual production capacity of more than 15 million tons, the annual production capacity of more than 10 thousand tons of approximately 300 companies, there are more than 20 enterprises have an annual production capacity of over 100 thousand tons of plastic pipe industry. Increasingly high degree of concentration, the top twenty sales have reached more than 40% of the total industry.

(2) the production areas are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas, the focus to the mainland expanded plastic pipe enterprises are mainly concentrated in the economically developed coastal areas. At present, the scale of production enterprises mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, three production capacity, production and is close to half of the total country.
Due to the impact of the development of the regional center of gravity shift and local demand pull, in recent years, began to invest in inland and northern regions, southwest, northwest and northeast is expected to gradually increase the proportion of output.

2、industry technical level

China plastic pipe industry is developing rapidly, expanding in the plastic pipe plastic pipe products in the market. The variety, structure, new materials, new technology, new technology and patents, processing and application of technology, more and more industry standards, various types of plastic pipes and play their respective advantages in different specific uses. Point of view, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

First of all, China plastic pipe industry patents were greatly increased. According to incomplete statistics, China plastic pipe industry already has more than 1500 inventions and utility model patents, whether it is the process of domestic raw materials, manufacturing processing equipment, pipeline of new product research and development capabilities and pipeline engineering application technology, have been rapid development, gradually narrowing the gap with the developed countries, and some of China's independent intellectual property products have reached the international advanced level.

Secondly, the standardization work of China plastic pipe industry has been greatly strengthened, industry has established a relatively complete system of standards. At present, the state and light industry, construction, agriculture, telecommunications and other industries of the product standard of 80 or above, technical specification for plastic pipeline engineering specification, more than 20 items, most of them use the international reference and the advanced national standards, determine the main technical projects and indicators have reached the international advanced level, and in practice, constantly revised and improved.

3、the technical characteristics of the industry

At present, China's plastic pipe industry has been from the traditional pipeline power to the pipeline power forward, has gradually get rid of the pipeline varieties in the past, the application of limited areas. In recent years, the development of China's plastic pipe industry has reflected the trend of technological innovation to lead the development of the industry, the traditional pipeline production growth slowed down, new, functional and some of the pipeline varieties have been rapid development.

At present, China's plastic pipe industry, the overall level of technology presents some new features, mainly reflected in:

New materials continue to emerge, high-performance materials are available; pipeline composite technology has been rapid development, functional plastic pipe gradually seize the high-end market; plastic pipe processing equipment to be synchronized development, some with efficient extrusion technology, precision extrusion technology, Monitoring technology, diversified piping composite technology more and more equipment; advanced system design concept after another, plastic pipe applications have been rapidly expanding and so on.

First, the replacement of new materials to accelerate the pace of high-performance materials are available, continue to replace the traditional backward materials, such as oxygen-resistant PB composite pipe and PE-RT composite pipe can effectively solve the traditional PB and PE-RT single-tube oxygen Poor technical problems. In addition, for some specific market demand, the use of some advanced enhancements, toughening technology and functional composite technology, the formulation of materials to improve the development of the industry as a trend, such as antibacterial PPR composite pipe products, anti-bacterial rate of 99.9% , Antibacterial effect is very significant, through the pipeline to transport the water can be directly consumed.

Second, the pipeline composite technology has been rapid development. Plastic has many recognized unique advantages, but the lower strength is its obvious drawback. Through the plastic and metal, plastic and fiber, plastic and functional materials, composite, and further optimize the performance of ordinary plastic pipe, and further broaden the scope of the original pipeline applications.

Third, the pipeline processing technology has made great progress. Injection molding and extrusion molding is the most important form of plastic pipe industry. To achieve the injection molding technology "precision, energy saving, high efficiency," the direction of development, injection technology has been mainly from the original injection machine for its own innovation, extended to the process, mold and other aspects of innovation, injection molding machine equipment upgrades are faster The Extrusion technology is suitable for almost all of the thermoplastic, energy saving has become the direction of development of extrusion equipment. In addition, the precision extrusion technology, the welding technology of the fuse has become the industry's development hot, the future of the plastic pipe industry, the level of production automation, online detection and control level will be higher and higher.

Fourth, the continuous emergence of new markets to promote the plastic pipe industry to the pipeline system direction, the supporting capacity of the pipeline system and system design capability requirements will be higher and higher. Such as non-excavation and repair market, mine deep wells and other harsh environments in the water and compressed air pipelines, natural gas high-pressure pipeline and the chemical industry, electronics industry, power industry and other fields need special plastic pipe, such as Chemical products in the production of a variety of strong corrosive fluid pipeline, electronic products in the production of highly pure water pipeline, power station transmission of strong wear medium pipes.

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