China will crack down on illegal imports of plastic waste and other foreign waste

From: Global Plastics Network
publisher: Tina
Time: 2017-02-22
According to the China Recycling Industry Association and related media said the Chinese government will plan to crack down on illegal smuggling of imported waste plastics and other products. The fight against a wide range of fields, including various types of contraband, including drugs and firearms.

According to a statement on February 14th where recycling in Washington said in China this plan also specifically for the import of plastic waste recycling, including the strengthening of national customs control and restrict imports of waste plastics into the Chinese port.

Chinese Xinhua said, the General Administration of Customs announced on February 7th that its targets for all types of "foreign garbage", mainly for industrial waste, electronic waste, waste plastics, and other solid waste smuggling activities. This activity will be for a period of one year, known as the "country sword 2017 joint special activities."

In 2013, there was a similar event known as the green fence, initially attracted the attention of the world's media quickly, the import of plastic waste stagnation, so that the number of imports fell by more than 10%.

At the time, Chinese officials said they wanted to clean up the poor and unprincipled recycling plants, improve the quality of recycled materials, and help local manufacturers upgrade.

The Recycling Industry Association says the new order is not clear.

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