Domestic fluorite market rose slightly

From: Business Club
publisher: Tina
Time: 2017-02-24
Domestic fluorite market rose slightly, it is understood that the beginning of last week, the average price of 97% fluorite wet powder at $1540 / ton, rose to 1552.5 yuan / ton on the weekend, an increase of 0.81%, an increase of 4.83%.

Products: after the Spring Festival, fluorite factory mostly has not yet started, coupled with environmental safety pressure, fluorite supply remains tight, and 1-2 months is the traditional small season fluorite, downstream demand improved, especially after the Spring Festival fluorite price of the south is still a substantial price, has been close to 1900 yuan / ton, the price of fluorite continue to raise the possibility.

The industrial chain: Winter shutdowns, increased transportation costs and other effect, especially in the southern area of fluorite Jan Huojin price, the downstream market is a substantial increase in hydrofluoric acid, downstream of the refrigerant market shock upstream, downstream of the air conditioner market demand has stabilized, according to industry chain prices have some support for the conductivity of fluorite market.

Market outlook, after the Spring Festival, many companies have not yet started to stop production, traders stocking years ago, the downstream demand improved, short-term fluorite prices will be 50-100 yuan / ton raised space, turnover of more than 1450-1600 yuan / ton.

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