China committed to resolving trade frictions through dialogue, negotiations: FM

Time: 2018-03-27

BEIJING, March 27 (Xinhua) -- China upholds and remains committed to resolving trade frictions through dialogue and negotiations, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday.

Spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks at a routine news briefing when asked to comment on reports saying the United States and China have been in consultations on trade issues, and the United States has asked China to cut tariff on U.S. autos, buy more U.S.-made semiconductors and give U.S. financial firms greater access to the Chinese market.

"China is always committed to resolving divergences and frictions in trade through dialogue and negotiations, and the door is always open," Hua said.

However, she stressed that the dialogue and negotiations should be built on a foundation of mutual respect and equality instead of one side making requests of the other in a condescending manner.

Talking about China's reform and opening up, Hua said China has made remarkable achievements in the past 40 years and the country will continue to open up and deepen reform.

China is working hard to create a fair market for both domestic and foreign firms to compete no matter what type of ownership they have, Hua said.

The spokesperson added that this kind of opening up should be bidirectional, and the United States and other countries should also create an equal and non-discriminatory business environment for all companies to invest and carry out commercial activities.

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